Google Ad Planner改名为DoubleClick Ad Planner

2010年2月26日 | 标签:

今天,2010年2月26日所有的google ad plan用户都收到了google发出的邮件,类似这种全部群发所有会员的邮件是非常罕见的 ,上次收到是ominiture被adobe公司收购, 所以这次估计也是一种权利的交接。

我是google ad planner的老用户了, ad planner 做内容广告非常的强大 功能很多 可以得到具体的内容网站用户人群 甚至 流量, 是选择google adsence的好工具, 不过这几年一直做的不温不火 可能google的董事会不满意 google 收购了 double click后的新上任的 管理 double click人员的表现, 现在从新有double click的元老掌舵 并且期望用 double click 这个老字号 金子招牌 提高产品知名度, 确实 google ad planner的名气太小



We have renamed Google Ad Planner to DoubleClick Ad Planner. Next time you log on, you will notice our new logo. You can continue to use Ad Planner whether or not you are a DoubleClick customer. The product remains free and open for everyone.

Google’s DoubleClick products enable the end-to-end planning, buying, serving and measurement of display ads across the web. We’re committed to making this entire process easier and more effective for our users. Since Ad Planner’s media research and planning tools are a significant part of these efforts, we’ve brought it under the DoubleClick brand. We’ll continue to dedicate the same Google and DoubleClick engineering and product resources to the newly renamed DoubleClick Ad Planner. Only the name is changing!

As always, you can visit Ad Planner at

— The Ad Planner Team